a feature-length documentary film
  about Simon Rodia and the Watts
    Towers of South Central Los Angeles

by Edward Landler and Brad Byer

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February 27, 2019

Dear friends,

We’ve drafted a letter for the community support groups (and all who support the Watts Towers) to sign and email to the Mayor’s Office in support of proposed items in the the City Budget to fund more Watts Towers Campus personnel.

Please change the letter to suit how you’d like to voice your support, sign your name and email it to  eric.garcetti@lacity.org and cc it to barbara.romero@lacity.org ; ashley.stracke@lacity.org and nicole.serrano@lacity.org

AND send it on to others who will also sign and send it…

OR let them know that Dakota McMahand, a member of the Friends of the Watts Towers Arts Center, has posted this Letter of Support for the Watts Towers Arts Center as a petition on change.org and they can sign on to that at this link:  http://chng.it/yhc9kxcGzt 

Send the link to everyone you think will sign…

But please send your own letter as a separate email.


Edward Landler

Dear Mayor Garcetti,

I am delighted to learn that the City Budget FY19-20 now being considered for approval includes a long-overdue request submitted by the Department of Cultural Affairs to enlarge and upgrade vital staff positions at the Watts Towers Arts Center Campus.

I fully and enthusiastically support those budget items that will provide the additional full time staff positions of Administrative Clerk and Arts Center Director I for the Charles Mingus Junior Arts Center, Gallery Attendant serving both the Watts Towers Arts Center and the Mingus Junior Arts Center, and Arts Manager I for Campus Tours and Restoration Programs, as well as the equally necessary upgrades of existing Arts Instructor I Rogelio Acevedo to Arts Instructor II and current Campus Director Rosie Lee Hooks from Arts Center Director II to Arts Center Director III.

The approval of these budget items will go a long way to alleviate the decade-long shortage of Campus personnel due to the recession. The Watts  community and all of us in the greater Los Angeles community, and lovers of the arts from all over the world have admired and benefited from the unflagging vision and efforts of Ms. Hooks and her staff over this entire time to maintain this world-renowned cultural and educational site.  With the added staff approved in the budget for the coming fiscal year, I have no doubt that we will see the Campus administration surpass its already remarkable achievements in the next cycle programming and exhibitions and music festivals in September.

I look forward to the passage of next year’s budget with these personnel enhancements for the Watts Towers Arts Center Campus and all other items that further Campus activities, including the Homeless Training Project and all supportive services, as requested.

Most sincerely,


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