About the movie


“To see the beauty of nature and understand the principles. That’s what Sam, Simon Rodia did... Sam will rank not just in our century, but rank with the sculptors of all history.”

R. Buckminster Fuller

“Employing a collage of archival materials and extensive audio interviews with the voluble Rodia, recollections from his nieces and nephews, comments from admirers (most notably Buckminster Fuller, a kindred idiosyncratic soul), and loving close-ups of the towers, ‘I Build the Tower’ is a fascinating portrait of a driven man, as well as an appreciation of the Watts Towers (a centerpiece of community pride and a national landmark)... Recommended...”

F. Swietek
Video Librarian

"Why I build it?  I can’t tell you. Why a man make the pants?  Why a man make the shoes?"

Sam Rodia